Dalmally Railway Station

Storms, rain and snow makes for a wet February

So much of our rugged islands coast has had its cobwebs well and truly blown with the spate of storms that have blown in and out .
‚Äč Beautifully bright and snowy on the mountains the rain has washed the new grass and softened the ground around Dalmally .
Under the Victorian canopy we still have to water the plants which are bright and cheerful .
Much work is now being done with final pruning of the apple and fig trees.
The excitement of newly sown seeds and a little more warmth and light to have them emerge .
Even in the rain the wildlife is abundant here and birdsong fills the air .
The weather does impact on the trains and each storm brings its own challenges .
We have had many returning visitors this month who love the peace and tranquility our beautiful location gifts us .

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